Boot Camp 1 – Writing with Process


A strong writing process is crucial to the successful completion of both academic and professional writing projects. The goal of this lesson is to give you a practical set of tools for planning and organizing a writing project. You will have a chance to participate and practice using these tools as we go along.

Facing a new assignment and a blinking cursor on the computer screen can be intimidating.

Even experienced writers must remind themselves that writing, like other everyday activities, is a process. Once you have a step-by-step plan for how to start and develop your assignment, it becomes much easier.

Think about it this way: in Math, you must learn how to solve a new kind of problem. And if you get a new cell phone you must learn how all the features work.

Well, the same is true of writing. We all have to learn how to write, especially when we are writing something formal like an academic essay. We must learn all the rules and conventions that are expected in an essay, and we must learn tips and tricks for getting all our great ideas from our heads onto the blank page.

You will appreciate how much easier it is to write an essay if you spend the time at the beginning to figure out exactly what you want to achieve.

Planning this way will not only help you develop better ideas, it will help you concentrate on better writing technique when you sit down to write! These skills will be useful not only for typical university essays, but also for any writing challenges you may have in your professional life.

How To Start

Go ahead and complete this Boot Camp in order, or dip in and try any of the sections that appeal to you!