Boot Camp 3 – Writing with Research


When we first learn to write about our ideas–perhaps in high school English class or in our journals and blogs–we often explore our own unique ways of thinking about the world around us. Personal reflections, opinions and arguments are an interesting and often empowering form of expression, especially in today’s context of social media.

However, when we shift into the context of university writing, the game changes. Now, we must embrace a more rigorous form of expression where we look for and build connections between our own ideas and the ideas circulating in the culture around us. Academic writing engages with other writers and thinkers to build knowledge.

Boot Camp 3 is designed to give you the technical skills you need to incorporate those ideas and words from other writers into your own writing accurately and effectively. This is called documentation.

About Style Guides

To manage our research material effectively, we will follow the rules and guidelines laid out in the APA (American Psychology Association) style guide. You can read more about the guide here.

Different fields of academic study use different style guides. Because APA is quite common, we’ve covered it in this lesson. Once you have learned one style guide, however, it’s easy to learn the features of a new one. For any class you take, make sure you understand which style guide the instructor expects you to use.

How to Start

Boot Camp 3 has 5 lessons for documenting research material. The lessons will develop practical skills for bringing other people’s ideas and words into your writing while avoiding plagiarism. Models and practice exercises will help you learn techniques for quotation, paraphrase, and attribution.


Go ahead and complete this Boot Camp in order, or dip in and try any of the sections that appeal to you!

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