Revise the Introduction (Workout A)

The introduction of the essay is where we make our first impressions with our readers. If we want our readers to keep reading, we need to prove to them that it’s worth their time.

The introduction tells your readers what they can expect from the essay. It’s like a tourist brochure and map all rolled into one carefully crafted paragraph. When we read it, we should know what we will find out and be able to picture how the ideas will be developed.

If you confuse or bore your readers at the beginning, it might be hard to recover!

Checklist for an Effective Introduction

Let’s begin by considering the essential elements of an effective introduction.

Does your introduction:

1. State the overall topic of the essay?
Remember, the introduction sets the agenda for the essay. It determines what the main goal of the essay will be and what information should and should not be included.

Does your introduction tell the reader what the essay will be about?

2. Provide a cohesive thesis for the essay?
Remember, the thesis statement is your main message.

Does your introduction tell the reader what your essay will say about the topic?

3. Map the basic structure of the essay?
Remember, the introduction provides a sense of the structure and development of the essay to help orient your readers and set their expectations.

Does your introduction say how you will develop the thesis?

Revising an Introduction (Practice)

Let’s practice revising a sample introduction, making sure it clearly provides the topic, thesis and map for the essay.

In this activity, you will need to reorganize an introductory paragraph. This paragraph is an introduction for an essay on the skills students need today to do university research.

Read over the paragraph and consider a more logical order for the sentences, using the guiding questions. When ready, drag the sentences into a more effective order.

Revising an Introduction (Sample Answers)

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