Cool down

You’ve worked hard! Take a few minutes to cool down and practice the skills covered in this boot camp.

Evaluating thesis statements (Sample Answers)

This thesis statement merely repeats the question. The thesis must answer why.

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Interpreting Questions (Sample Answers)
  1. Essay 1 would summarize a variety of different reasons for limiting screen time based on research. To complete this essay, the writer would need to find several different perspectives and collect them together in a single discussion.
  2. Essay 2 would be more argumentative than explanatory. It would focus on developing an argument (conclusion) about screen time and learning by evaluating what others have to say about it.

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The Planning Process (Practice)

The Planning Process (Sample Answers)

Focus: What will be the scope of your discussion? What will be your goal for the essay? What will your essay deliver?

Organize: How can you best categorize your ideas into major groups? How will you put your ideas into order? How will you link your ideas together?

Generate a Map/Detailed outline: How will your essay develop? Do all the points support and contribute to the thesis? Do you have enough support, explanation and evidence for your ideas?

Think and Learn: What do you need to know? What concepts, examples, and anecdotes could help you? What connections can you find between ideas? What kinds of research information could help you? What ongoing social debates or issues might be useful?

Interpret the topic: What is your task? What key terms will need to be defined?

Write a thesis: How does you essay fulfill its goal? What conclusions does your essay make? Does your thesis add something unique? Does your thesis only restate the question?

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