Cool Down

You’ve worked hard! Take a few minutes to cool down and practice the skills covered in this boot camp.

Cool Down Questions (Sample Answers)

Part A

  1. As leader, I motivate the team to complete the project.
  2. We need to answer many questions about this project.

Part B

  1. My friend invited me to stay in her Vancouver condo so I could attend the concert on Saturday night.

Part C

  1. Having travelled by train all the way to Portland, we were exhausted at the end of the day.
  2. The instructor proposed a fascinating topic for the workshop, and the students needed to sign up by Friday.

Part D

  1. Every paragraph needs unity, which means it develops one main idea that is stated in the topic sentence. That main idea must then be developed and explained adequately to be interesting and convincing.
    Next, that fully-developed idea must be organized in a logical way for the reader to understand it. Finally, the developed and well-organized idea in the paragraph must be clearly linked to the thesis of the essay and the paragraphs around it with strong transitions.

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