Cool Down

You’ve worked hard! Take a few minutes to cool down and practice the skills covered in this boot camp.

Build a master checklist for a Global Editing Process. Drag each set of tips for the editing checklist under the right category.

Master Checklist for Global Editing (Sample Answers)
  1. Revise the introduction.
    Does your essay:
    • State the overall topic of the essay?
    • Provide a cohesive thesis for the essay?
    • Map the basic structure of the essay?
  2. Revise the overall organization.
    Does your essay:
    • Include all the information promised in the introduction?
    • Avoid including extra information that is not expected based on the introduction?
    • Provide clear sections in the essay for each idea promised in the introduction?
  3. Revise the paragraph structure
    Does your essay:
    • Have a strong topic sentence?
    • Provide enough information to be effective?
    • Use effective transitions?
    • Present information in a logical order?
  4. Revise the use of research material
    Does your essay:
    • Use direct quotation and paraphrase accurately?
    • Use accurate in-text citation?
    • Have a properly formatted Reference Page?
  5. Revise the sentences
    Does your essay:
    • Have grammatically accurate sentences?
    • Use a vocabulary, style, and tone appropriate to academic writing?
    • Express ideas clearly and concisely?

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