Producing the Essay Outline (Lesson C)

All the information has been read, considered, and organized. You have thought through the relationships between the different source material and you have a strong sense of what points you want to convey to your reader. It’s time to write the synthesis essay.

This outline template is a final tool for you to use when preparing to write. The outline template helps to remind you of the conventions for the overall structure of the essay; the expectation is that the main points are directly stated first, and then supporting information is developed. This approach may be different from what you are used to and the template can help you stay on track.

Synthesis Paper Outline Template (Reference)

  • Topic and purpose – What is the general issue?
  • Main thesis – What will you say about that issue?
  • Map – what points will you cover?
Hints for Body of the essay

  • You can have more than 3 points.
  • Points are not the same as paragraphs – you may have many paragraphs to cover 1 point.
  • Source information is correctly documented.
  • Paragraphs are well-organized with topic sentences and strong supporting evidence.
  • Transition language and key words help connect information together.
Point 1:

  • Content – What is the key point?
  • Function – Why are you including this information? How does it connect to the thesis?
  • Support – What source material and supporting explanation will you use?
Point 2:

  • As above
Point 3:

  • As above

  • Emphasize key message – what did this essay teach us?
  • Moving forward – what shall we think about next?

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